The Gruen Transfer

The Gruen Transfer

The Gruen Transfer offers insight into the tricks used by the advertising industry to target audiences and sell products. Hosted by comedian Will Smith with panelists from the advertising industry they discuss various advertising campaigns with a critical approach as to whether they work or not.  The highlight of the program is the task given each week to different advertising agencies to sell and ansellable product. The episode watched in class today featured the unsellable product of whale meat in Australia.

The episode also focused on the beauty industry, particularly an advertisement for Dove products. The panellists discussed whether Dove was being brave or sneaky creating their ads and whether they were still making women feel bad about themselves even though they were using images of women of different sizes in the campains. Todd said that it still made women judge themselves against other women.

Overall advertising is a good example of stereotypes and representations and the Gruen Transfer gives us a good understanding of how it all works.

We also looked at an overview of representations which can be viewed on this link Representation Revision


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