Logo Design

Students worked on logo designs from a list of ideas. The starting point was to choose a brand that you wanted to promote. Then you need to sketch some ideas down in a visual diary and annotate their work. Annotation involves short notes that discuss the inspiration for the design, color schemes, what you think works or doesn’t work in the design idea, what was rejected.

Once the sketches are complete you pick one and scan it into Photoshop. Form there you recreate the design and typography. Once done you can then print it out to the color printer and upload to your blog.

You can also print out a color copy and do a quick survey of people and ask them the following:
What do you think the picture is advertising?
How effective is the use of the image?
Does the color scheme suit the product?
Is there anything you would do differently?

With these results you will upload the answers to your blog and discuss the reaction you received to your design and whether you felt you got the message across about the product effectively.


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