Logo Design Analysis

Logo design incorporates many design elements including typography, color, balance and shapes. By sketching a logo and coming up with many design ideas helps to clarify successful design.  Tracing a drawing and placing it in phostoshop allows the designer more tools and effects that can not be achieved by simple hand drawings.

Using between 250 to 400 words evaluate your design with reference to the following questions:

What are the challenges involved when trying to represent a product?
What steps did you take in order to research and create a design?
How did you communicate your message. Were there specific colors? Typography? Images? Shapes that you used to help with the design?
What was the greatest challenge in creating the design?
Does it give across the message you intended?
How could the design be improved?
In what ways could you measure the success or failure of your design?
Disscuss the difficulties you think professional designers would face in creating an original design.

Upload your logo and get some students from the media class to leave comments about your design.


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