Filming Representations

We all know that media footage can be manipulated. You can edit conversations that will take something out of context. You can add audio to make footage appear to be more serious or lighthearted. You can have a voiceover that manipulates what people are actually doing in the footage by saying they are doing something else. You can shoot video to make something look darker or lighter to portray moods. You can even get people to act out or dramatise an event and then manipulate audiences to believe it is real.

In this task you are going to create your own representation of Marist College. This can either be a good representation or a bad representation.

The video can be presented in the following ways:

  • You can present this footage as a series of photographs with audio, voiceover and subtitles to create in moviemaker,  photostory or premiere.
  • You can use a digital video camera and create a video with audio and sound.
  • You can create a mashup of photographs, video and sound using free online software

To complete this task please follow the list of steps:
1/ form a group of no more than 4 people
2/ Download the log sheet and fill out (MediaLogSheet2011)
3/  Decide how you want to present this material – look at the Vuvox site if you are interested in a mashup
4/ Discuss and take notes of what you are going to film/photograph/record
5/Create a storyboard (storyboardtemplate)
6/Once I have checked your storyboard then you can borrow a camera either from myself or the library
7/Shoot your footage (this is to take no more than 2xdouble lessons Tuesday 8th March & Thursday 11th March)
8/ Edit your footage (1 single + 2xdouble lessons,  Friday 11th  March & 16th&18th March )
9/Show to the class on the Tuesday 22nd March
10/Write up an evaluation of the exercise in 250 to 300 words  and post to your blog.

If for some reason you are falling behind then you will need to do some filming and editing outside of media class hours.  This work is to be assessed.
Criteria assessed:
Criteria 1: Communicate ideas and information
Criteria 2: Work constructively with others
Criteria 3: Plan, organise and complete activities
Criteria 4: Select and use technology
Criteria 9: Apply technical skills and production processes to create a finished product
Criteria 10: Examine and resolve issues


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