Celebrity Endorsements

In advertising, celebrity endorsements and association with products can be a highly effective way to reach a large target audience and get a message across quickly. The celebrity is a brand and an advertiser likes to associate their product with another successful brand – hence the use of celebrity.  However, celebrities are expensive and have to choose the products they advertise very carefully.  Their images are highly stylised and normally have a reference or catchphrase to their name and the product.

You will be given a celebrity to work with and have to do the following:
Give them a product to advertise
Give them a cathphrase
Copy and past the product to the photo of the celebrity.

The Celebrity and the Product

Product Placement Goes Viral

Product placement is also becoming commonplace on the internet.   When something goes’ viral’ it means an advertisement or topic that has taken off on the internet and reaching massive downloads.  It is important for advertisers to have a social media strategy and to reach a large worldwide demographic. Previously, this sort of mass audience could only be reached by global companies such as Coke, McDonalds, Adidas and clothing and sport companies. However, the growth of the interent and faster broadband speeds means advertisers can put well crafted advertisements with quality graphics and video online quickly. The following article talks about product placement and viral videos.

Product placement, please – hold the placement – Anthill Magazine

Product Placement

Advertising, movies, tv shows, songs and even books have all, at some stage, used the product placement technique. Basically product placement is a way of advertising that is often more subtle than a straightforward advertisement. Products are inserted into scenes, for example when characters are in bars, restaurants and shopping malls. They can be reading certain books or using brand name computeres. Basically, anything  you want to sell you can pay the producers, writers, singers etc…to add somewhere.  Product placement has been around longer than may have been previously thought. Read through the timeline below.


Media Essay Questions

As well as producing media we also need to anaylse the media and the ways in which it can influence audiences.  Ways in which we can anyalse the affect that media has on its audiences is to critically watch tv shows and sit coms.

Whilst it is best to try and put as much Australian content into your essay as an example, we can also use American content as examples of how their culture dominates Western society not only through military and economic influences but also through their media.

Watch youtube videos or go to surfthechannel.com and watch sitcom episodes from the 1950’s through to the 2000’s

Compare the changes in various exchanges and relationships

1/            What is the role of the mother and father?
2/            How do children relate to their parents?
3/            How do siblings relate to one another?
4/            How do they relate to people other than family
5/            What do their houses look like
6/            What sort of issues are discussed
7/            How are issues resolved
8/            List some of the stereotypes from various eras
9/            What is the overall message
10/         Are the portrayals mainly middle class or working class white people?
11/         How might you present issues in Australian families using the sitcom   formula

If you are not using sitcoms then discuss the same questions in relation to dramas. Try using mainly Australian dramas like:

  • All Saints
  • City Homicide
  • Packed to the Rafters

When you write your essay you must give examples. Do not make generalisations or sweeping statements that cannot be backed up by evidence. Use the mock essay that I have uploaded with the essay questions to help guide you.

Essay Questions
The due date is the 15th of April.