Privacy and Consent in a Media Age

As a class we finished reading through Chapter 4 Technologies and discussed various points in the chapter.

In particular we looked at how damaging releasing footage without consent can be to those who are unaware they are being filmed or have their private footage uploaded to the internet. In the mid 2000’s Star Wars Kid was a typical example of misue of video where a student had private footage uploaded to Youtube by a group of students who found the digital footage. He was humiliated by the footage but went on to achieve notoriety and have his footage watched by over 20 million people. It even promoted a fan club where others took the footage and insterted the original video into scenes from Hollywood Films.

We discussed viral video and how this works through mediums such as Youtube. We watched the Racism in America and in particular Racism in an Elevator  as an example of Viral Video. Youtube is increasingly becoming like a tv station with people establishign their own channels.


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