Print vs Online Newspapers

There is a growing consensus amoungst media professionals that print journalism will be dead within 10 years. All content will be moved to online papers, blogs and magazines and journalists will be employed as freelancers. Certainly there is much greater access to online news and some of its key features are:

  • availability (download anytime anywhere)
  • accessability (download on any device whether portable or a desktop)
  • greater depth of news with links to blogs, facebook, twitter feeds, video etc….
  • broader news content including sections in online papers that you cannot get in print newspapers such as blogs, specific tv channels, podcasts
  • Interactivity
  • Comments section
  • Free content

The way content is displayed is another key difference to online and print papers. In an online paper there is more content on the home page of the site. These provide links to stories in greater depth which also often have video footage accompanying the stories.

Our task is to convert a print newspaper into an online newspaper and note the differences between the two.  Using Indesign we will mock up the following:

  • 8 column layout
  • navigation bar
  • Masthead with weather and interactive links
  • A main story image
  • 5 story links with images
  • 5 stories with headlines
  • images to the left hand side, one being an advertisement

Note the differences between the two layouts. How does print differ from online layouts. Upload the online newspaper you have created to your blog.


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