Evaluating News Stories

The two news articles that you have written (the practice news article) and the major news article will be submitted into your portfolio. To complete the task you must do an evaluation. This will accompany the written story. Please ask me for the handout.

For the remainder of the term and early into next term we will be working on our folios. We already have our news story and now we need to write the feature article. In your textbook please refer to chapter 17 pages 487 to to 493. These pages will help as a guide to writing a feature article. Your feature article will look something like the one on page 491 which is a double page spread.

The feature article will be 1500 words or 3 times the length of your news article. You may write more than this but you cannot write less.  The feature article can be anything of your choice and contain the following:

  • original images – you must use a camera and take photographs
  • original story
  • interview with quotes
  • Formatted in Indesign
  • Be targetted to a particular audience

You must keep a log sheet whilst you complete this folio. Log sheets can be found in earlier entries of this blog. You should also use a visual diary to brainstorm your ideas.

You will also include:

  • drafts of all your work
  • signs of editing
  • all interview material

The feature article, news article and a commercial will all be included in your folio. Also, all preparatory work, log sheets, evaluations and examples from your blog. This will form an interactive magazine.  The folio contributes to 50% of your overall mark.


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