Feature Article

The next installment in your folio is your feature article. Similar to a news article, a feature article takes an angle on a story.

For example if I was doing a feature article on the London riots I would give an overall update on what happened and then interview some of the rioters. The angle I might take is that the riots were caused by disadvantage. I would interview rioters, politicians, parents, educators and get some good quotes. Feature articles do not need to agree with any opinion. The politician might say that the rioters are thugs whilst the teachers might argue it is about entrenched disadvantage and the parents might just shrug and say the kids are only having fun. The feature covers an area of interest but does not have to present a right or wrong argument.  They are human interest stories.

A feature article gives you more scope to broaden your story. It allows the reader to understand the more human side of  a story.  Read the qualities of a feature article in the link provided.

Task 1: You are to read a feature article from the link below:

Then answer the following questions:

1. Title of Article

2. Author

3. Source

4. Who does the author want to read the article: (audience)

5. List details from the article that help you understand the purpose.

6. Explain how the article tries to “hook” your interest (examining the lead).

7. Examine the text feature and list any text features the author uses to help make the article more interesting or informative. (Examples – headings, lists, charts, graphs, diagrams, captions)

8. Examining the conclusion and explain how the author brings the article to a conclusion.

Task 2:  When you have completed this task you are to take a magazine article from the pile provided and answer the same questions.

Writing your own Feature Article
The feature article is to be included into your portfolio. It will cover 4  A4 pages and contain annotated pictures. The feature article can be on any topic of your choice.

Due Date: 30th September, 2011


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