Media Folio

In class we discussed the requirements of the media portfolio.  You can choose to make an interactive magazine or an interactive newspaper.  The folio can be of a subject of your choice but must contain the main article (feature article) and four hyperlinks. These links include a home page.

It is best to do the folio on something of interest to you. It could be a profile piece on music, sport, art, personalities, current issues in the news, fashion, reviews, photography or anything that you think is interesting. You must have a target audience to address, for example if it is for teenagers who play hockey or for people who are intersted in being in a band. It could be a promotional site about something that you do or have an interest in doing. You must have original text, graphics and photographs. You cannot copy and paste anything that you have read or seen.

Examples of top performing media works:
Media Magazine Covers


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