Exam Preparation

The best way to prepare for the exam is to read through past exams and try and answer the questions.  Give yourself half an hour for each response. When you have finished you can either email it to me or Katy O’Rourke for advice. We will practise writing some exam responses in class but you will need to spend time outside of class to prepare.

I have provided a check list on the link for you.

  • In the colour coded table you will find the area of study in orange under Media Issue.
  • In the green colum are the type of questions you would expect to get in Section A that relates to the topic.
  • The column coded in Blue is Section B questions that correspond to the topic. These questions have all been taken from past exams.

media exam revision checklist

Another useful resource is the TQA website examiners report which was distributed in class. If you did not receive it then go to the following link  http://www.tqa.tas.gov.au/4DCGI/_WWW_doc/045312/RND01/MED5C_Assessment_Report.pdf

Also, your textbook and the maristmedia blog has all the information you need to prepare for the exam.
Finally, you must look at examples and use them.

  • Watch the ABC News and Current Affair programs and compare to the Channel 7 & 9 content. Look at the production values and how they differ.
  • Read through the articles about tabloid papers and media ethics in this blog.
  • Watch the Gruen Transfer regarding advertising (viral advertising and product placement – which is also discussed on this blog)
  • Watch Media Watch for ethics
  • Talk about Social Values (smoking ads/sitcoms)

Always make an attempt to answer the question, even if your response is not great you will still get a mark. It is better writing something and getting some points than writing nothing and getting no points. Also, keep your eye on the clock and don’t run out of time.


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