Kyle Sandilands Rant

To listen to Kyle Sandilands attack go to the following link to

Regulating the media

A good article from the Sydney Morning Herald (a broadsheet) about the role of the Press Council in regulating media. You could reference this article if you decide to answer questions about media ethics.

Media Inquiry _ Hywood on Free Press

Chequebook Journalism Example

Channel 9 are in a bit of hot water over their alleged offer to pay the Bali boys parents a large sum of money for exclusive rights to his story. The problem is of course that the Indonesian Government aren’t too happy about the boys parents profiting from the illegal actions of the boy. Read the attached article, it will be a useful example if you choose one of the tabloid questions in the exam.


Also, another article regarding tabloid journalism that is interesting. Today Tonight is being accused of being dangerous. This would be useful in discussing how unethical these shows have become and the tricks used to deceive viewers.

More mob rage after the break _ Today Tonight