Breaking Down the News Formula

Homework: Read Chapter 13 from page 325 to page 330 concerning television news. Then complete activities from 1 to 6.

The news follows a distinct formula in their 30 minute broadcasts. They tend to go something like this:

Music Intro with Logo (30 secs)
News reader introduces themselves and rounds up the story (2-3 minutes)
First story around 1 to 2 minutes
Second story (50 seconds)
Third Story (40 Seconds)
Fourth Seconds (50 seconds
Advertisements 3- 5 minutes
Few more stories (5 minutes)
Ads 30 – 5 minutes
Sport 5 minutes
Market Report (Banks, stocks) 3 minutes
Weather 2 minutes
Good news story 30 seconds
Goodbye from News Reader and music (30 seconds)

The newsreader will often have a uniuqe way of saying goodbye. Brian Naylor from Chennel Seven always ended a broadcast with ‘May your news be good news and goodnight.’


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