Writing a News Story

You can write just about anything to make it a news story. Today we took Kiahn Ryan as an example.  Kiahn gave us some details of what happened between a spider, her car and her family. From this we created a news story.

Who – Kiahn Ryan
What  – Kiahn did not put on hand brake after reversing car
Where – In home driveway, Howth
When  – Earlier this morning
Why/How – spider distracted her

Learner Drivers Narrow Escape

Seventeen year old Kiahn Ryan of Howth had a lucky escape this morning.  Kiahn a learner driver and high school student was practising her reversing out of the family driveway. Unfortunately, Kiahn was not alone as a potentially venomous spider dangled before her and distracted the young student. Kiahn was warned by her sister to get out of the car which she promptly did, however, she forgot to put on the hand brake. The car rolled backwards and as the sisters desperately yelled for help, Lisa Ryan, the girls’ mother was able to prevent a serious accident. Kiahn said that, “It was an awful experience” and suggests, “people regularly check for spiders.”

  • We can take that same story but give it a different angle – this time concentrating upon the spiders

Spiders Infest Cars on Coast

An influx of venomous spiders believed to have arrived from South America on a barge have infested the cars of Howth residents.  There have been reports of several accidents involving cars and the spiders causing panic attacks. Local resident Kiahn Ryan nearly lost control of her car when a spider dangled before her causing her to panic, jump out of the car and forget to engage the handbrake. Spider expert, Blake Lang warned coasters to check for spider infestation and to report any sign of nests and eggs.

  • The same story with different angles can fill up space in a newspaper.

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