Changing Face of Media

In the short Clickview documentary viewed in class the following changes in media were noted:
That the media has less opportunity to cover stories in depth as people are more attracted to celebrity and lifestyle issues.
Media ownership in Australia is currently concentrated on 70% private ownership.
The main sections of papers are now filled with Travel, Home Renovation and Eating Out
Journalism is an important means of keeping business and government accountable but only if it is free from their constraints.

Kirsty visits the media class

Today Kirsty Bennett, a first year cadet on The Advocate newspaper and former Marist Media student spoke to the current crop of media students about her experiences working on a newspaper. The Advocate is part of Fairfax Regional which is part of the bigger Fairfax organisation. She spoke about her role as a reporter, what was involved in rounds and also the importance of digital media. She spoke about print newspapers needing a a good online presence and that social media is increasingly important. She also spoke about using blogs as a way to inform readers about more specialised events that are not necessarily suitable for general readers of newspapers but more of a niche group.

Kirsty gets around 25 to 30cm to write a story and says the old pyramid structure of the Who, What, Where, When and How is becoming less important. She says her newspaper is encouraging journlists to move away from the pyramid and to have their facts scattered throughout the story so this encourages people to read the whole article.

She also spoke about the media portfolio that is externally assessed at the end of the year and strongly encouraged all students to watch the news so that they woul be able to draw on topical events in their media exam.

Class Tasks and Homework

While I am away I want you to finish the following tasks:

  1.  Your news story must be edited and placed back into Indesign with a photo and caption. You can then export it as a pdf and upload to your blog.
  2.  You must complete the news story evaluation
  3.  Your essay must be uploaded
  4.  Finish your online newspaper and export it as an interactive PDF and upload to your blog

Homework:  Read Chapter 4 Technologies pages 69 to 83 and complete activities 2 and 3 on page 76. You can start this in class if you have finished all the above due work.
Have a good week.

News Media Essay

News Essay: Choose one out of the following questions and write a 500 word response. Use your media book to help you.

1       ‘Broadsheet newspapers aim to ensure accuracy, accountability and clarity in their news stories.’  Examine how news is gathered and disseminated and whether journalists always satisfy these requirements.

2       ‘Tv news should entertain rather than enlighten its audience’.  Discuss the consequence of news as entertainment within a democracy.

3       ‘Print news is a dying medium. Online digital media is the future of news.’  Discuss whether you believe this to be true. Give examples on the differences between the two mediums and the benefits and drawbacks (if any) of both.

Criterion Standards Assessed

Criterion 1: Communicate Ideas and Information

Criterion 2: Plan Organise and Complete Activities

Criterion 4: Observe and Critically analyse media works

Remember: English expression, spelling, neatness and legibility of writing will be taken into account.

Due Monday 19th March, 2012

This handout will help you with the essay essaytips

Analysing newspapers

In class we watched a clickview video on writing for newspapers. The important points covered included:
The profound power to omit – what is left out of a newspaper is as important as what is included.
When a bigger story breaks than the ones you have already organised you have to push back the stories that you were originally running.
News Reports must be clear, concise, structured and argue pesuasively
A newspaper must be: ordered, apealing, accessable, visual and laid out with structure.
Journalism should be viewed as a public service.