News Media Essay

News Essay: Choose one out of the following questions and write a 500 word response. Use your media book to help you.

1       ‘Broadsheet newspapers aim to ensure accuracy, accountability and clarity in their news stories.’  Examine how news is gathered and disseminated and whether journalists always satisfy these requirements.

2       ‘Tv news should entertain rather than enlighten its audience’.  Discuss the consequence of news as entertainment within a democracy.

3       ‘Print news is a dying medium. Online digital media is the future of news.’  Discuss whether you believe this to be true. Give examples on the differences between the two mediums and the benefits and drawbacks (if any) of both.

Criterion Standards Assessed

Criterion 1: Communicate Ideas and Information

Criterion 2: Plan Organise and Complete Activities

Criterion 4: Observe and Critically analyse media works

Remember: English expression, spelling, neatness and legibility of writing will be taken into account.

Due Monday 19th March, 2012

This handout will help you with the essay essaytips


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