Kirsty visits the media class

Today Kirsty Bennett, a first year cadet on The Advocate newspaper and former Marist Media student spoke to the current crop of media students about her experiences working on a newspaper. The Advocate is part of Fairfax Regional which is part of the bigger Fairfax organisation. She spoke about her role as a reporter, what was involved in rounds and also the importance of digital media. She spoke about print newspapers needing a a good online presence and that social media is increasingly important. She also spoke about using blogs as a way to inform readers about more specialised events that are not necessarily suitable for general readers of newspapers but more of a niche group.

Kirsty gets around 25 to 30cm to write a story and says the old pyramid structure of the Who, What, Where, When and How is becoming less important. She says her newspaper is encouraging journlists to move away from the pyramid and to have their facts scattered throughout the story so this encourages people to read the whole article.

She also spoke about the media portfolio that is externally assessed at the end of the year and strongly encouraged all students to watch the news so that they woul be able to draw on topical events in their media exam.


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