Using Social Media to Revive Labour Fortune

The Ken and Barbie social media campaign shows how the use of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Google can revive the fortunes of companies and products. In this task you are to use a social media campaign to revive the fortunes of Federal Labour for the next election.

Things to consider

  • How to make Julia Gillard more appealing to voters (currently she is sitting at 27%)
  • How to promote her achievements and that of the Government (you will need to research this – whethering the GFC is one of them)
  • How to make the government appear exciting, fresh and forward thinkers.
  • Could Kevin Rudd be included?

This assessment task requires you to plan out a social media campaign.

  • What is the best use of Twitter?
  • How will you use Facebook?
  •  Is there some sort of video that can be released virally?
  • How do you monitor the success of the campaign?
  • How can you use a blog?

You are to work in pairs to complete this assessment task. You will have today’s class time to do this and present your work to the class tommorow.

Update: An article about the student campaign


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