Media Ethics Essay

In class today we discussed regulation and self regulation of the media industry in Australia.  This was taken from Chapter 6 Australian Media Institutions pages 111 to 113. We then discussed the media ethics essay which is attached.



5 thoughts on “Media Ethics Essay

    • Firstly you need to define what media bias actually is. In your opening paragaph I would discuss the prevalence of media bias in certain media institutions and how they have a code of ethics that is meant to regulate them. You need to be very clear on what bias is and how the code is broken. Then your supporting paragraphs will give examples from news articles that you have selected. If you are arguing that the media is biased then you need to find articles that support this argument. I would look at both Fairfax and Murdoch papers. Quite clearly Murdoch papers are much more negative about Julia Gillard than the Fairfax papers or there might be an issue that is pushed by one paper and not another. You can mention Today Tonight and a Current Affair in passing as they are so obviously biased but the question is about newspapers.

    • If you can’t find anything then all you have to do is document the articles that you’ve read and then you can argue that you find no evidence of media bias. For instance, if you were going to use an article about Julia Gillard you might say that the journalists have reported fairly and that the language and tone of the piece is strictly news. If you do that for a few articles then you can successfully argue that journalists are following the code. Therefore, the introductory paragraph would discuss what media bias is, the code of ethics that is meant to prevent bias and how you are going to argue that it is effective. If however, you do find bias then you would of course argue the other way. Basically you are looking for any news story that will support your case.

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