Tabloid Image Manipulation

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Original Ashton and Demi Moore image

emilia clarke

Original Emilia Clarke Image

Tabloids are great at manipulating images and then constructing a story around them. In this picture I’ve used Photoshop to remove a picture of his ex-wife Demi Moore and replaced it with an image of Emilia Clarke. Then I inserted the picture into Indesign and created a story that Ashton was dating Emilia.The story is deliberately vague as a tabloid news article will never name people or where the event took place.  This allows them to fabricate information and not be responsible for the accuracy of the story.Read the tabloid story I created about Ashton Kutcher and see how language is used in tabloid articles and the general tone of the piece. Then write your own tabloid story using the Ashton Kutcher image and that of Emilia Clarke or some other celebrity.

Ashton Kutcher and Emilia Clarke

Image after it has been manipulated


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