Read through Chaper 6 Australian Media Institutions pages 102 to 110. Then  read the following articles regarding tabloid newspapers, the Murdoch Inquiry and general related articles about regulation and self regulation. You do not have to read them all (but they are all very interesting!)

When you have read through these articles I would like you to summarise what you have read and your feelings about media ownership and the influence of Rupert Murdoch in particular. Try and write 500 words (you can write more but not less).

Canberra Times facing down a tabloid future_ _ Crikey
Sienna Miller stars with winning Leveson performance _ Crikey
JK Rowling and Sienna Miller hit out at phone hacking inquiry
‘I heard her recorded message and shouted out, Milly’s alive’
British tabloids out of control, inquiry told
Investigation of political favours against News Ltd
Elle Macpherson’s adviser sacked by model after phone hacking revealed
More mob rage after the break _ Today Tonight
Knowledge is power, but be wary of who wields it


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