Layout and Design

Looking at layout and design is important reseach for your own magazine. The style of a magazine and whether it suits the target market are essential. In this task we will look at three separate magazine styles including Franke, ArtWorld and PC Magazine. We are going to take an article from Franke and redesign it in Indesign into the style of either the Art Magazine or the PC Magazine. You will then answer the following questions:

  • How did the layout of the article affect the overall appeal?
  • What color, fonts and paragraph structure did you have to change?
  • How much does the style affect what we read?

Evaluating Tabloid Film

As you can see from each other’s films, it is easy to manipulate video footage. Discuss some of the production techniques you used in order to create a tabloid segment.

1/How did you manipulate your video footage?
2/How is audio used to enhance the storytelling
3/What other production techniques i.e. lighting, scripting, clothing etc….did you use to manipulate audience perception?
4/How effective are tabloids at manipulating public opinion?

Farewell Fairfax

Is this the end of Fairfax as we know it? The broadsheet is becoming a tabloid, it’s content behind a paywall, 2000 staff getting the boot and Gina Reinhart looks set to get one, if not two, seats on the board.

What happened to their digital media strategy? Is erecting a paywall all they can think of?

I’ve got a better idea. Traditionally newspapers were run by men and they were pretty good at it until the landscape changed. Social media intruded upon their male dominated turf and instead of embracing it they hoped it would go away.  Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and  niche sites started to generate traffic and crept into advertising revenues. Print newspapers were snoozing when the social media crowd snatched the incentive. Was the malaise of newspaper CEO’s due to thinking they were ‘too big to fail?’

Yet there are a group of people who know how to do social media really well. Gay men and women. If Fairfax turned it’s social media strategy over to this demographic then they might have a chance of survival. Continue with male hacks at the top and the paper has as much longevity as passengers on the Titanic.

Lifeboat anyone?