Exam Preparation and Revision

The best way to study for an exam is by practising. I have uploaded the sample exam but also look at exams from the previous two years as the questions are very similar. The only difference, that I can see in this years exam is that you may be asked a question on evaluating your portfolio (given that this is a new question in the sample exam it is a pretty good bet it will be in your final exam).


  • Practise writing for half an hour as this is the time you will get in the exam for each question.
  • Read through your blog posts, classmate blog posts and the marist media blog posts for revision.
  • There is a lot of information so sort through what you beleive you can answer best in the exam and focus upon reading and writing about this area.

Remember, you can only become good at something by practising – exams are no different. The more you practise and submit your exam responses to me the better you will get.




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