2012 Media Exam

Our media studies class has wrapped up for the year. The exam is over and students are preparing for their gap year/university/work committments.

The end of year exam was as expected and was similar to the sample exam released mid-year. There were fewer questions in Section A and less of the curriculum examined in comparison to previous years. There is now a section dedicated to analysing the students major pieces of work which is a recap of their evaluations that accompany their portfolios.

Overall, the students felt it was a good exam and most felt they had answered the questions with confidence. There was an overall emphasis on tabloid media, commercial and public media institutions, media ownership, the difference between print and online media and journalism ethics. These are the main themes emerging overall in exams.

Ironically, given the fall in print media circulation, the portfolios have to be in print rather than interactive online magazines. Perhaps the people who write the course need to examine why they place such emphasis on the growth of online media yet are unprepared to assess these types of portfolios.

Exam Preparation Articles

Here are a couple of recent articles from independent online newspaper Crikey regarding the future of media. These would be useful to cite in the exam. The first article explores how media might look in 20 years time. The other article is about falling print circulation numbers. There are some good statistics to quote.

Remember, quote the source if you refer to this in your exam: you could write the following in response to a print vs online questions.  According to an article in Crikey (an online newspaper) print circulation figures across all major print newspaper mediums have declined for both Fairfax and News Ltd. This demonstrates the significant impact online media has had upon the print medium.

Future of media_ Gideon Haigh investigation into media in 20yrs _ Crikey

Newspaper circulation_ Fairfax and News Ltd results from Audit Bureau of Cir

Happy studying.