PBS: Where midlife newsreaders live well and prosper

old journliast

The collective age of commerical tv journalists and the average age of a PBS one!

The PBS News Hour is remarkable for its comprehensive and intelligent news coverage and for the age of its journalists.

While commercial news is populated with blonde, nubile women and smooth-faced, smarmy men, PBS doesn’t appear to employ anyone under the age of 60. Mature female anchors introduce stories presented by equally mature journalists, most of whom have world-weary faces with little trace of plastic surgery.

The News Hour is the antithesis of Fox News. Whereas Fox is like the brash adolescent at a party – vain, loud and opinionated — the News Hour is like an afternoon tea with your great aunt, eating scones, sipping tea and mulling over the state of the world.

News Hour’s journalists are intelligent and mature and the quality of their dispatches delivers a more entertaining show than all of the overhyped, glossy mainstream alternatives.

I’m unsure where PBS fits into the American entertainment pantheon (or even if it’s popular in its own country). But if you have ever wondered what journalists do when they reach midlife then you need look no further than PBS.

The PBS News Hour is on at 4.30pm on SBS television in Australia