Gruen Planet

The panelists on Gruen Planet last night discussed the effectiveness of the Get Up campaign and the Rupert Murdoch advertisement. The panelists felt it was not a good ad as it did not really engage or motivate the audience. They also discussed the anti-coca cola advertisement that was banned on television stations. The advertisement featured beach goers drinking the beverage with dead birds falling out of the sky onto the beach. The message was that plastic was killing sea birds. The panelists did not like this ad either but it actually introduces some good arguments about ownership and bias.

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Get Up vs Rupert Murdoch

The backlash against Rupert Murdoch’s political influence has begun. This professional video clip equates Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers with crap!

GetUp is a grass roots organisation that aims to make politicians more accountable for their actions.

Federal and State elections present opportunities to investigate political bias. Murdoch’s newspapers have been notoriously anti-Rudd for the 2013 campaign – comparing him to to Hitler.

Clive Palmer, who is running for a seat in the Senate had some interesting things to say about Rupert Murdoch and the shallow media coverage of the election campaign.