Welcome to 2014

Hello media students.

This year we will be using this blog, Scholaris, the media text book and the pdf that I have uploaded for you.

All assignment tasks will be placed on Scholaris and you will be able to upload your assignments and check your results through this.

This blog has been used extensively for media students over the past four years and you will find other student blogs, magazines and research.

For your first task today we will be looking at representation in the media. Specifically, how the media controls the flow of information regarding public figures.



1/In what way was the magazine cover for OJ changed?
2/ How did this alter the public perception of guilt/innocence?
3/What does the article say about racism vs money?

In further discussion of how the media actually operates you are to read through the comments.

1/ What is the general consensus regarding the role of journalists?
2/ How do newspapers/magazines make their money?
3/ How does this compromise the profession overall?
4/ What have you discovered about the role of journalists in the media?