News stories

Look at the news stories in The Age today.

Pick three of the main stories and then discuss the Who, What, Where, When and How.

Present your findings to the class.

How can the inverted pyramid cut the story down.

Then read through previous news stories of former media students.

Example of news story written in class

Underage Drinking In Dangerous Depths

Local Wynard teenagers were spotted drinking alcohol at Sisters Beach on Friday night in an underage an party. The popular, cheap wine cask of Fruity Elixer (commonly referred to as Goon) was being shared amoung six teenangers as they lay floating in the surf.

The teens, all under 18, were drinking as part of a Valentine Day’s celebration and were seemingly unaware of the dangers of drinking and swimming.

The rise of binge drinking amoungst teens is causing concern with public health officials. Local teen, Jamie Bond believes that risky behaviors are due to boredom and a lack of stimulation in the local area.

 Other angles you could write about to flesh out the story

  • Views of local parents
  • List the dangers of drinking whilst swimming
  • Interviews with local health officials
  • Teen quotes
  • Statistics of drownings involving alcohol

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