Choose 20 stories

News, like any form of entertainment, is a construct. Editors sort through hundreds of stories and then choose those they think will appeal to their target audience.

Your task is to sort through these stories and pick 20 for a paper like The Age.

Banks collapse in major global shakedown
Barak Obama caught with pants down
Tony Abbot  in 5 billion China coal deal
Fire victim ‘a perfect man, my hero’
Solar Energy emits greenhouse gas
Ellen breaks Twitter with celebrity selfie
Babies die in baby baths
Tiger escapes from zoo
Mining booms in NW Tassie
Family war over four-year-old fortune
Qantas takes a dive
Drunk drivers face tougher sentences
Gas prices top triple household debt
By-election called in South Eastern Sydney
Iraqi suicide bombers to invade America
Hugh Jackman confirms relationship with Tom Cruise
Teenager killed by Goon in Boat Harbor beach tragedy
Aids bigger killer than starvation in Africa
Pedophile gang move to Thailand
House market recovers
Health and Happiness soar
Pregnancy joy for Jennifer Aniston
Cheese banned for causing cancer
Man demands right to terminate wife pregnancy
Ratings success for Tasmanian North West Drama
Joe Hockey says Australia is broke
Secret to happiness – nothing!
Boy drowns while walking dogs
Australians keep getting fatter
Teenage rage at binge drinking crackdown
Caterpillar sacks all workers
Australian cricket team scandal
Australia joins Ukraine war on Russia
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Marry
Albino Bear found with two heads
Earthquake in Chile kills 20,000
Liberal Government dumps Abbot
Funding Cuts to Hospitals
Bridge falls in Sydney Harbour
Diabetes kills 50,000
Ten dead on Bass Highway
Wall Street Stocks plummet
Plastic surgery explodes woman’s face
Cold blizzard in Europe kills 500
Paris no longer the city of love
Trains to run through North West Coast

1/ Explain your choice of story.
2/ What is the ratio of national to international stories you would choose.
3/ Would your choices have been different if you were working for The Advocate?

Read this post on the cadet journalist who visited the media class.

There are three templates to choose from for your daily paper. We will look at all three and discuss the merits of each.

Newspapers have limited space for advertising and news stories. In this exercise we are going to use a template provided to work out where to put the news stories written by yourself and the students in the class, where to put advertising, weather, the index and any other information that you would normally put in a newspaper.


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