Journalism and social media

Social media has altered media outlets in some of the following ways

  • It builds community
  • Reflects diverse opinions
  • Crosses all platforms, can build an audience on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, Youtube, Instagram (can launch major stories using various interactive technology)to achieve saturation
  • Makes journalists more accessible
  • 24 Hour news cycle
  • Can change mistakes made by journalists

Media Outlets can view the stats on readership

  • Can tell what is trending and then focus more stories on those events
  • Create more feature articles and use slideshows, links, video and podcasts

Encourages a change in how news is reported

  • Rise in citizen journalism
  • Personalised local stories
  • Less passive voice more active s
  • Also means that certain jobs including cameraman, audio and editor are obsolete. Journalists now expected to do everything, shoot, write, edit, audio etc……

Mojo Journalism

This refers to new media storytelling using portable devices with network connectivity (iPads connect to the internet) They create (USG) user generated content from a smart device. They are the perfect citizen journalists.

Read the following articles—the-journalist-the-mobile-phone-and-the-prescient-poet

What equipment is required to be a mojo?
What the positives and negatives of mojo?
How could newspapers like The Advocate use mojos?
What about legal implications (not necessarily covered by Unions)

Telling a story
All news has a who, what, where, when how and why.
We will write a story in class about something that happened over the school holidays. You are to interview each other to find a short story,

Use your phone or another electronic device over the weekend to create a story for next weeks class
Script your story. Don’t just go out and film. Think about what story you want to tell and how you are going to tell it. Use the 4WsandH
Download a video editing app onto your phone


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