Analysing News

Part 1

Consider the same 3 stories from The Age ( and similar stories from The Guardian (

Generally newspapers report on the same events so this should not be too hard to find.

Analyse the Who, What, Where, When, How and Why.

  • Has each article covered the 5 Ws and an H?
  • Have they used this formula in their opening paragraphs?
  • If you use the inverted pyramid structure how much of the news article could you cut away and still make sense of it
  • How many people have been sourced for the article? Are there quotes, interviews and different points of view?
  • Is the article written in passive or active voice?
  • How different is the writing between The Guardian journalists and those working on The Age?
  • Which newspaper has a higher quality of writing?

Part B

After you have analysed the stories from both papers choose one to rewrite.
Do the folllowing:

  • You are a journalist working for the Kalori Daily. You will have to write a major story based on what you have read in The Age and The Guardian and change it enough so that it is not plagiarised.
  • You can use the quotes and interviews (if any) already in the newspaper article. You cannot make up your own quotes or interviews.
  • Create a headline for the story
    Then write the story so that it looks like an original article in the Kalori Daily
  • Go to Twitter and with the #kaloridaily tweet some information about the article that would encourage people to read it. Make sure you tweet it to Marist Media as well so I get some idea of what you have written about. Then email me the story. (Ask the supervising teacher for my email address if you don’t know it already).
  • Also, email me the draft of the actual news story you have been working on for the past few days based on events at school.

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