The death of print

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I will hand out the print essay but here is a copy in case you lose it.

print and online essay

You can also refer to the Gruen Transfer episode regarding print.

You can also refer to this previous blog post:

There is plenty of discussion online about the death of print so do your research!

SBS journalist sacked over tweets

Another journalist who has fallen prey to Twitter. Read the article and then answer the following questions:

SBS presenter Scott McIntyre sacked over ‘inappropriate’ Anzac Day tweets

Should Twitter be a platform for a journalist’s personal views?
Do you agree with Hugh Riminton that the tweets, whilst offensive to some, are also about free speech?
What is your opinion about the comments made?

And here is an update about the woman who lied about her cancer.

Belle Gibson_ Women’s Weekly journalist opens up about interview

Rod Tremayne visits the media class

rod tremayne

Rod Tremayne, former general manager at Fairfax, came to speak to the media class today. He had a number of insights regarding the future of print.

In summary:

  • In regional markets print revenue began to decline from 2008 (around the time of the GFC).
  • Advertising revenue significantly reduced once people began to go online. Places like Seek, Drive etc…are specific to people looking for a particular item. To help stem the tide Fairfax have, at times, worked with Google to display ads.
  • Metros declined early 2000s.
  • Regional areas were slower because less uptake of internet. Once the internet was used more broadly then the decline in regional also became evident.
  • No print models have been offered to stem the tide of revenue loss
  • User generated content is popular in certain markets (like Singapore)
  • Journalists now produce for multiple publications and produce more stories than in the heyday of print
  • Virtual teams work in offices to write copy for various publications called share pages
  • Journalists now need to be multi-skilled in various aspects including using their cameras, ipads etc…to gather stories
  • Sub editors have doubled the amount of stories produced
  • Journalists file a paragraph for digital copy, then add to it during the day. They will do a longer online version and then write the print version.
  • Subscriptions have dropped.
  • Advertising though was better off with print distirubution
  • The buyout of the Washington Post by a digital media platform might offer new business models

How to help newspapers

QR Codes on receipts in a cafe
Reading summaries
Online platform for journalists to sell themselves (subscription base or the paper)
Personalised news
More humour in the news
More controversial
Journalists teach you how to write news
Sell ebooks photojournalism, recipes,
Skyping – forum, get to know the journalist