Rod Tremayne visits the media class

rod tremayne

Rod Tremayne, former general manager at Fairfax, came to speak to the media class today. He had a number of insights regarding the future of print.

In summary:

  • In regional markets print revenue began to decline from 2008 (around the time of the GFC).
  • Advertising revenue significantly reduced once people began to go online. Places like Seek, Drive etc…are specific to people looking for a particular item. To help stem the tide Fairfax have, at times, worked with Google to display ads.
  • Metros declined early 2000s.
  • Regional areas were slower because less uptake of internet. Once the internet was used more broadly then the decline in regional also became evident.
  • No print models have been offered to stem the tide of revenue loss
  • User generated content is popular in certain markets (like Singapore)
  • Journalists now produce for multiple publications and produce more stories than in the heyday of print
  • Virtual teams work in offices to write copy for various publications called share pages
  • Journalists now need to be multi-skilled in various aspects including using their cameras, ipads etc…to gather stories
  • Sub editors have doubled the amount of stories produced
  • Journalists file a paragraph for digital copy, then add to it during the day. They will do a longer online version and then write the print version.
  • Subscriptions have dropped.
  • Advertising though was better off with print distirubution
  • The buyout of the Washington Post by a digital media platform might offer new business models

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