Media Ownership Concentration

Read the following Wikipedia entry and then answer the following questions:

What is media ownership concentration?
What is a media oligopoly?
What is media diversity and how does media ownership impact on this?
How might freedom of the press be compromised? Give an example from the Murdoch documentary.
What is deregulation?

Read up to concentration of media ownership in particular nations and what media is consolidated within Australia.

Watch the following video:

Then read the following article in this blog post:
Read Chapter 6 pages 102 – 110 for homework.

Once you have read through the stories answer the following questions.

What is the problem with media ownership?
Who should be allowed to own the media?
Should people (shareholders) be allowed to have a stake in media?
Should media just be owned by governments?
What are some of the problems with highly concentrated media ownership by individuals or governments?
How should media be made accountable.

Convergence and Divergence & Cross Media Ownership

Refer to the following blog post.


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