Useful Indesign Link

Use this link to access the example of Indesign layout.

Another Photoshop Magazine Cover example

Indesign Tutorial

Click to access 179_Designing_a_Magazine_spread.pdf

indesign newspaper mockup

Newspapers have limited space for advertising and news stories. In this exercise we are going to use the template provided to work out where to put the news stories written by yourself and the students in the class, where to put advertising, weather, the index and any other information that you would normally put in a newspaper.

News Stories

All news stories should be completed by now and ready to be placed into Indesign. There are two tasks to complete.

Go to Sharepoint and navigate to the Media Studies Folder. There is a page called Templates. You will find three Indesign templates on this page. You can use this link

Task 1: The first template is for you to arrange your news story in the space provided. You will need to change the font to the assignment specifications distributed to you in class for the news story.  When you have completed this task you are to upload it to your blog. You must upload it as a pdf.

Task 2: Download either template 3 or 4. These templages contain a two page spread. You are to create a newspaper using the media class news stories that other students have written. You will need to go to each students blog and pick out the stories you want to use. Then using the template you will need to find ways to present these stories. This might mean some stories have to be edited to fit the space provided. You might only use 3 or 4 stories or you might use all the student stories.  Since everyone will have uploaded their Indesign pages already you will only have to cut and paste into the new template. How you arrange the stories is up to you.

You will need to complete these tasks by the conclusion of the media class on Friday. Failure to meet deadlines will result in a Z. This means if you haven’t finished your own news story which should have been completed last Friday then you will have to complete it tonight. There are no extensions for this task.

Print vs Online Newspapers

There is a growing consensus amoungst media professionals that print journalism will be dead within 10 years. All content will be moved to online papers, blogs and magazines and journalists will be employed as freelancers. Certainly there is much greater access to online news and some of its key features are:

  • availability (download anytime anywhere)
  • accessability (download on any device whether portable or a desktop)
  • greater depth of news with links to blogs, facebook, twitter feeds, video etc….
  • broader news content including sections in online papers that you cannot get in print newspapers such as blogs, specific tv channels, podcasts
  • Interactivity
  • Comments section
  • Free content

The way content is displayed is another key difference to online and print papers. In an online paper there is more content on the home page of the site. These provide links to stories in greater depth which also often have video footage accompanying the stories.

Our task is to convert a print newspaper into an online newspaper and note the differences between the two.  Using Indesign we will mock up the following:

  • 8 column layout
  • navigation bar
  • Masthead with weather and interactive links
  • A main story image
  • 5 story links with images
  • 5 stories with headlines
  • images to the left hand side, one being an advertisement

Note the differences between the two layouts. How does print differ from online layouts. Upload the online newspaper you have created to your blog.

Tabloid Stories

The tabloids are full of sensational stories that have attention grabbing headlines, vague stories about celebrities and their bad behaviour and stories about alien abductions, criminal activities and dodgy tradesmen. We will replicate a tabloid newspaper by writting two senstational stories and a tacky advertisement.
Give your tabloid a name in the masthead and a subheading
Put in images to accompany your stories
Put an advertisement down the bottom.

See example here: tabloidexample