Pro Formas

The exemplar/pro-forma is to be written over the holidays and submitted early next term.

You are to treat them as you would the exam or your magazine.

They are extremely important and examiners go through them thoroughly. These documents outline all your pre-production, production and post-production and talks about your research, intent and target audience.

You must demonstrate how you’ve used codes and conventions in creating your magazine and advertisement.

Download two pro-formas. They are the same document but you will need 2 in order to fill out the information for your major work (magazine) and minor work (advertisement).

The link for the forms is here:

Information on target audience and codes and conventions are here.


Murdoch at it again

Murdoch’s use of social media to voice his political preferences is a useful example for upcoming exam under media influence.

Murdoch says ‘ungovernable’ Australia needs snap election but should re-elect Abbott _ Media _ The Guardian

Media Ownership Concentration

Read the following Wikipedia entry and then answer the following questions:

What is media ownership concentration?
What is a media oligopoly?
What is media diversity and how does media ownership impact on this?
How might freedom of the press be compromised? Give an example from the Murdoch documentary.
What is deregulation?

Read up to concentration of media ownership in particular nations and what media is consolidated within Australia.

Watch the following video:

Then read the following article in this blog post:
Read Chapter 6 pages 102 – 110 for homework.

Once you have read through the stories answer the following questions.

What is the problem with media ownership?
Who should be allowed to own the media?
Should people (shareholders) be allowed to have a stake in media?
Should media just be owned by governments?
What are some of the problems with highly concentrated media ownership by individuals or governments?
How should media be made accountable.

Convergence and Divergence & Cross Media Ownership

Refer to the following blog post.

Media Ethics Articles

Media bias is a real problem in many areas including both written and photographic content. The articles below illustrate how inappropriate some of the media can be covering sensitive issues.

UN human rights chief denounces Sun over Katie Hopkins ‘cockroach’ column _ Global development _ The Guardian

Media Ethics Alert_ Should Chinese Journalists Have Snapped Photos of Dead Pop Star_ _ College Media Matters

BBC News – More Telegraph writers voice concern

Also, here is more information about the SBS journalist sacked over tweets about Anzac Day

SBS presenter Scott McIntyre sacked over ‘inappropriate’ Anzac Day tweets

Boston bombing identification attempts on social media end in farce _ US news _ The Guardian

How to help newspapers

QR Codes on receipts in a cafe
Reading summaries
Online platform for journalists to sell themselves (subscription base or the paper)
Personalised news
More humour in the news
More controversial
Journalists teach you how to write news
Sell ebooks photojournalism, recipes,
Skyping – forum, get to know the journalist

Regulation and Self-Regulation

What is the difference between regulation and self-regulation?
Is the Journalism Code of Ethics regulated or self-regulated?
What does ACMA do?
How is ACMA different from the ACCC?
What are some self-regulating authorities?
Who funds the Australian Press Council?
What is the journalists union called?

Download the media production textbook and read the story about Milly Dowling