Codes and Conventions

Answer the following questions and use your handout to help you with them.

Who is the target audience for the magazine? Are they educated professionals, wealthy, gender etc….
Describe magazine conventions in relation to your chosen magazines
Does your magazine break with any conventions?
What are some of the technical codes evident in your magazine?
What are some symbolic codes?


Social Media Essay

Social Media is now giving a voice to eyewitnesses and citizen journalists. Think about the clips you’ve seen on Youtube including the Train Racist and the LA Police Shooting of the homeless man.

How would we have discovered this sort of news before camera phones, Twitter and Facebook? How might this impact upon the reporting of facts. Does it also cast some doubt upon the way in which the law is enforced?

It also begins to show the ugly side of discrimination and how minorities or the underclass in each country is treated. Previously we had very little access to this information and our world view could more easily be restricted to what the media and governments encouraged us to believe.

Follow the link to view the essay requirements:


Abbott Government and media ownership

1/ Truth or tabloid?

Read the following story and tweet your response.

MH370 crashed in ‘suicide mission’, Britain’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper reports

Media ownership is a contentious issue.

2/ Read these articles
The phone hacking scandal and Rupert Murchoch’s responsiblity.

Note the date this article was written.
Why is the date important?

3/ Independence of Media

Watch ‘The Changing Face of Media‘ on clickview.

4/ Media ownership in Australia

The growing threat to Australia’s media plurality 

Who owns Channel 10, 7 and 9
Who owns SBS and ABC
List the major media players in Australia (there are four)

Accountable Media Ownership

Once you have read through the stories answer the following questions.

What is the problem with media ownership?
Who should be allowed to own the media?
Should people (shareholders) be allowed to have a stake in media?
Should media just be owned by governments?
What are some of the problems with highly concentrated media ownership by individuals or governments?
How should media be made accountable.

Read Chapter 6 pages 102 – 110 for homework.

Media Ethics

Read through this story about Mick Jagger and the Daily Mails decision to run a photo of him grief stricken over his girlfriend’s death.

Lurid coverage of L’Wren Scott’s death shows British tabloids at their worst _ Joan Smith _ Comment is free _

  • Then answer what codes do you consider have been broken in reporting the story.
  • What does the article say about the editor’s code of practice?
  • Should public figures be treated the same way as non-celebrities
  • What reference does the journalist make to the Leveson report and why is this important?

2/ Find three stories in today’s online papers that you consider may have broken the code of ethics. Describe which code they have broken.

Gruen Planet

The panelists on Gruen Planet last night discussed the effectiveness of the Get Up campaign and the Rupert Murdoch advertisement. The panelists felt it was not a good ad as it did not really engage or motivate the audience. They also discussed the anti-coca cola advertisement that was banned on television stations. The advertisement featured beach goers drinking the beverage with dead birds falling out of the sky onto the beach. The message was that plastic was killing sea birds. The panelists did not like this ad either but it actually introduces some good arguments about ownership and bias.

Watch last nights Gruen Planet episode on Iveiw.