Exam Revision

Now that you have finished your folios you can give yourself and each other a clap on the back.  I thought you all did a fantastic job this year and the magazines looked beautiful.

It is almost over – now you have to get busy and do revision. The best way to practise for the exam is to keep answering exam questions. Give yourself half an hour for each one and try to answer as many as you can in the double period on Monday and Tuesday.

Go through my blog entries and your blog entries as revision. There is plenty of material in them and look at:

Tabloids – Distort the truth, sensationalise and use various production values to do it. Production values including editing, lighting, sound, actors, narrative, slander. In print it would be headlines, captions, images, bias, opinion, misreporting facts, photoshopping, use of color to draw attention, libel.
Cross Media Ownership – what does it mean and how will the new recommendations affect what is in place?
Online compared to print media – how is online changing the way news is reported? Mention social media, the death of print newspapers, loss of advertising revenue, sacking of staff
Media Ethics – Journalism code of ethcis and how does Media Watch expose it’s misuse.
Media Ownership – Who owns what. You must know what Murdoch and News Corp own and what Fairfax owns.
Differnce between public owned media and private owned media. Who owns SBS and ABC?
Representations of people on shows like A Current Affair and use of stereotypes.

Here is a link to a sample exam: https://maristmedia.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/med315112-sample-paper.pdf

Gruen Transfer and Print Media

On last night’s Gruen Transfer there was an extensive discussion about the decline in print media. They viewed several advertisements that are trying to reposition print media including one from The Guardian and the Sydney Morning Herald. The episode is well worth viewing as revision for the upcoming media exam. Go to Iview and watch the episode (though there is a 14 waiting period).