Newspaper layout

Go to the following link and download the Indesign document. We will be using this template to layout your newspaper article.

This will form part of your external folio and you will be adding another newstory and advertisements during the year.

Constructing a news story

Today you will be constructing your own news story. You will need a recording device, either a pen and paper or electronic device.

Read through some past stories at:

Download the assignment newsreport_2015

Choosing and rewriting news

All news goes through a filter of editorial decision making.
Is the story relevant?
How recently did it occur?
Who are the stakeholders?
Is it in the public interest?

Choose from the selection of your fellow students to choose the following:

Which story is the lead?
Which story has potential to be expanded upon as a feature article?
Which story makes a good gossip piece?
Is there any particularly story that is controversial?
How can you protect or not exploit the subjects in the story?
How can the stories be improved?

Create headlines and edit the pieces so that they are concise.

Glenn interview by Angus
I Thought She Was Dead
Sydney Delay
Underage drinking
Local leader Angus Thomson is presented with distinguished Young Citizen of the Year Award
aaron story

News stories

Look at the news stories in The Age today.

Pick three of the main stories and then discuss the Who, What, Where, When and How.

Present your findings to the class.

How can the inverted pyramid cut the story down.

Then read through previous news stories of former media students.

Example of news story written in class

Underage Drinking In Dangerous Depths

Local Wynard teenagers were spotted drinking alcohol at Sisters Beach on Friday night in an underage an party. The popular, cheap wine cask of Fruity Elixer (commonly referred to as Goon) was being shared amoung six teenangers as they lay floating in the surf.

The teens, all under 18, were drinking as part of a Valentine Day’s celebration and were seemingly unaware of the dangers of drinking and swimming.

The rise of binge drinking amoungst teens is causing concern with public health officials. Local teen, Jamie Bond believes that risky behaviors are due to boredom and a lack of stimulation in the local area.

 Other angles you could write about to flesh out the story

  • Views of local parents
  • List the dangers of drinking whilst swimming
  • Interviews with local health officials
  • Teen quotes
  • Statistics of drownings involving alcohol

Edited Copy

Your edited copy of the news articles need to be downloaded. The highlighted text in yellow means that this section needs reworking. This could be either spelling, sentence structure or rewriting the conclusion.

Ten of Australia
Libary staff at Marist Regional College are planning big things in March
lake Lane

Writing a News Story

You can write just about anything to make it a news story. Today we took Kiahn Ryan as an example.  Kiahn gave us some details of what happened between a spider, her car and her family. From this we created a news story.

Who – Kiahn Ryan
What  – Kiahn did not put on hand brake after reversing car
Where – In home driveway, Howth
When  – Earlier this morning
Why/How – spider distracted her

Learner Drivers Narrow Escape

Seventeen year old Kiahn Ryan of Howth had a lucky escape this morning.  Kiahn a learner driver and high school student was practising her reversing out of the family driveway. Unfortunately, Kiahn was not alone as a potentially venomous spider dangled before her and distracted the young student. Kiahn was warned by her sister to get out of the car which she promptly did, however, she forgot to put on the hand brake. The car rolled backwards and as the sisters desperately yelled for help, Lisa Ryan, the girls’ mother was able to prevent a serious accident. Kiahn said that, “It was an awful experience” and suggests, “people regularly check for spiders.”

  • We can take that same story but give it a different angle – this time concentrating upon the spiders

Spiders Infest Cars on Coast

An influx of venomous spiders believed to have arrived from South America on a barge have infested the cars of Howth residents.  There have been reports of several accidents involving cars and the spiders causing panic attacks. Local resident Kiahn Ryan nearly lost control of her car when a spider dangled before her causing her to panic, jump out of the car and forget to engage the handbrake. Spider expert, Blake Lang warned coasters to check for spider infestation and to report any sign of nests and eggs.

  • The same story with different angles can fill up space in a newspaper.

Writing Whitney Housten Story

Whitney Housten is what is called a story with legs. This story can just keep on running and newspapers, tv and online media can take all sorts of angles on the death of the singer to keep the story going.

The main story or when the story broke covered the five Ws. Who, What, Where, When and Why/How

The story starts with a Headline
Whitney Dead at 48

  • Who – Whitney Housten (winner of 5 grammy awards died today)
  • What – She Died at midday or early evening american time
  • Where – A body guard tried to wake Ms Housten who was in the bath tub, but apparently already dead.
  • When – On Sunday 12th Feb mid afternoon in downtown Los Angeles
  • Why/How – Former Husband bobbi brown relationship sprialled into Drug Overdose  – Her career has been plagued by a failure to restablish herself as a singer.

A Tabloid Heading would read something like this:

  • Drug Fuelled in Sleazy Bath Tub Death
  • Distressed Whitney Ends Life
  • Housten Parties Life Away
  • Troubled Whitney drugged to death

Activity: Read a few online newspaper that are covering the Whitney Story. Grab the details.

Write a Headline and then two paragraphs (first paragraph covers the Who,What,Where,When,How and Why)

You can use these online newspapers to get the details.
The Age
The Australian
The Guardian (UK)
The Sun
The New York Times
The LA Times