Convergence and Divergence



Blurring of boundaries between different telecommunications media. IE Television and Computer, newspapers, radio, computers, mobile phones etc

Computers and mobile phones the basis of communication and entertainment.

Also means big companies combine and merge or form alliances to survive. News Ltd bought MySpace and have online newspapers, radio, cable tv, magazines and various other planned mergers.

Multimedia converges text, sound, video etc.
The internet represents convergence of television, radio, newspapers, literature, movies, video telephony (Skype)surveillance, tracking systems (you can now track celebrities)

Convergence culture – where old and new media collide. The power of the media producer and the power of the media consumer interact in unpredictable ways. Convergence Culture includes blogs, wikis and social networking sites.

Multiplying the forms of delivery of a media product is called divergence. TV is delivered free to air, by cable, by satellite, via the internet, handheld devices and appliances which are all connected to the same global information networks i.e. Google, Rueters. Divergence affects media owners by allowing a wide range of media content to be delivered by more than just the few media players in traditional media spaces i.e. newspapers, radio, news broadcasts.

Homework Task
Read the following article about convergence. At the conclusion of the article are more articles. You are to choose one of these articles and write a summary of the article to upload to your blog. There is no word limit, you just need to make sure that your summary is informative.

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