Facebook journalism

Article about how Facebook is not the best way to access news.


And an article about print vs online



Social Media

Read through the document on the How Barbie & Ken Were Reunited by Social Media campaign and answer the following questions. The full URL to watch the videos is here: http://mashable.com/2011/05/05/barbie-ken-social-media/

  • How was social media used in this campaign
  • How effective was this campaign reaching its target audience
  • Do you think it is a clever use of social media
  • How could online newspapers use social media to attract a bigger audience


After some discussion about social media, convergence and writing for blogs the class thought that a Facebook page would be a more useful form of communication than the media blog. Therefore, I will test this by setting up a Facebook page and see whether this gains more hits than the current blog.

Media Facebook Page