SBS journalist sacked over tweets

Another journalist who has fallen prey to Twitter. Read the article and then answer the following questions:

SBS presenter Scott McIntyre sacked over ‘inappropriate’ Anzac Day tweets

Should Twitter be a platform for a journalist’s personal views?
Do you agree with Hugh Riminton that the tweets, whilst offensive to some, are also about free speech?
What is your opinion about the comments made?

And here is an update about the woman who lied about her cancer.

Belle Gibson_ Women’s Weekly journalist opens up about interview


Ethical Dilemma

meaning of ethics

Consider your Ethics

You have been given access to confidential emails. However, you must be sensitive towards the person who gave you the emails and the problems that they highlight. In this task you are to read through the emails provided and write a news story. You must consider the ethics involved in publishing the information and whether the person who provided them will lose his/her job or whether the newspaper will be liable for legal action. You must also consider whether you will be breaking any code of ethics by naming or compromising the people involved in the dispute.

Working in pairs you are to construct two stories for the newspaper. Once you have written the articles, place them in Indesign. If you have too much white space construct an advertisement to fill any remaining gaps.