More on the phone hacking scandal

Here are a couple of articles from The Guardian newspaper on the phone hacking scandal findings over Rebecca Brooks.

Useful to quote aspects of these articles in regards media ethics and media ownership, particularly the reference to Tony Blair being secret godfather to Rupert’s girls by Wendy Deng.

Rebekah Brooks_ Not so wicked, after all
Phone-hacking trial was officially about crime; but in reality, it was about power

Abbott Government and media ownership

1/ Truth or tabloid?

Read the following story and tweet your response.

MH370 crashed in ‘suicide mission’, Britain’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper reports

Media ownership is a contentious issue.

2/ Read these articles
The phone hacking scandal and Rupert Murchoch’s responsiblity.

Note the date this article was written.
Why is the date important?

3/ Independence of Media

Watch ‘The Changing Face of Media‘ on clickview.

4/ Media ownership in Australia

The growing threat to Australia’s media plurality 

Who owns Channel 10, 7 and 9
Who owns SBS and ABC
List the major media players in Australia (there are four)


With the advent of digital technology into the media spectrum the ownership of media becomes even more murky. Companies buy out companies and merge their media whilst other companies diverge into new areas. This is referred to as convergence and divergence.

Read through the chapter on Technologies on page 69 in your textbook to get some insight into the changes occuring within the media landscape.


We have been looking at aggregation particlarly how that has affected tv, radio and print in Tasmania. Aggregation has similarities to convergence which has made the concept rather obsolete. However, it raises further issues of foreign ownership, cross media ownership and distribution of media licenses. Below is the link to the essay and media ownership task.
media ownership tasks