Using Social Media to Report News

Using the techniques of Who, What, Where, When and Why/How we will identify whether they have been used in the following online papers.
The Age,  The Advocate and The Guardian

Choose 3 stories from each paper and identify whether the 5 W’s have been used in the opening paragraph. If not when do they all appear. Underline where they appear.
You should be able to download the documents by Using Adobe Acrobat and converting to a PDF. Then you can us the underline tool in Acrobat to underline the 5Ws.

Social Media
Not only newspapers, radio, tv and online media report the news but also social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and blogs will contain news items. When Whitney Housten and Michael Jackson died, Twitter was the first media site with the news. Once you start observing media you will notice that we communicate messages all the time and the medium in which we communicate ranges from small pocket devices like mobile phones to ipads and computer screens to larger mediums like film. However, the public has much more access to create news than it did in the past. Anyone can write a blog and inform people about current events or general opinions. We will be looking at different ways of gathering news and comparing them to traditional forms of news gathering.