Cross Media Ownership Essay

Continuing on with cross media ownership the following essay will need to be completed over the holidays.  Everything you need to complete the essay is in the media ownership and regulation posts. You may also wish to do further research and find appropriate articles. All references will need to be acknowledged in the bibliography.



Media Theory and Regulation

Today we looked at various theories that try to describe media influence. These include:

  • The Hypodermic Needle Theory
  • The Agenda Setting Theory
  • The Cultivation Theory
  • Uses and Gratifications Theory
  • Encoding/Decoding Theory

Read through the theories again in your media text – Chapter 9 page 155 and then post your response to the following questions:

1/In what ways is media content in Australia regulated?
2/ What theory is this regulation based on? How does it see the position of audiences?
3/ What are the main arguments for and against this regulation?

Convergence Review

Recently the Australian Government requested a convergence review. In part this was prompted by the problems of media self regulation but also due to the blurring of news media outlets with the rise of the internet and digital televison. Read the following two articles about the converegence review and then answer the questions:


What are some of the problems identified by the convergence review?
Why is it suggested that the changes will never be implemented?
What is a CSE?
How do you think media operators might respond to this review?

For more information go to the following link:
For a podcast on cross media ownership you can listen to this podcast from the ABC:
After listening to the podcast – summarize the interview with Malcolm Turnbull and his thoughts on media ownership.