With the advent of digital technology into the media spectrum the ownership of media becomes even more murky. Companies buy out companies and merge their media whilst other companies diverge into new areas. This is referred to as convergence and divergence.

Read through the chapter on Technologies on page 69 in your textbook to get some insight into the changes occuring within the media landscape.

Evaluate Online Newspaper

When you have completed your online newspaper you need to evaluate the process of creating a print compared to an online newspaper.  Consider the following:
How can an online newspaper attract a broader age group (from teenagers to seniors)
If you were hired by Fairfax newspapers to redesign the content what would you suggest?
Newspapers are also trying to develop platforms on all mobile devices. If you were hired as a mobile producer, what products/platforms would you concentrate upon?
What if newspapers offered a game a week? Would that attract a younger audience?
What about prizes, competitions, giveaways?
Compare The Age with the Daily Beast. What do you think is more appealing?

Write your answers up in your blog.

Read this article regarding the death of newsrooms Chris Hedges_ Gone With the Papers – Chris Hedges’ Columns – Truthdig.


Changing technologies influence the way we consume media. As we progress in the development of technology they get smaller, faster and more powerful. Mobile phones can now do cheaply and easily what it took supercompters to do 10 years ago. However, as technology changes our world we need to consider whether advancements have been made in our use of these tools or whether or intellectual progress can be hindered.

Chapter 4 in Media – New Ways and Meanings dicussess technology and the key concpets of covergence and divergence. In class we discussed whether technology has retarded or enhanced educational possibilities. The link will take you to the notes we made in class.
Technology Retards or Enhances Our Education