Writing Whitney Housten Story

Whitney Housten is what is called a story with legs. This story can just keep on running and newspapers, tv and online media can take all sorts of angles on the death of the singer to keep the story going.

The main story or when the story broke covered the five Ws. Who, What, Where, When and Why/How

The story starts with a Headline
Whitney Dead at 48

  • Who – Whitney Housten (winner of 5 grammy awards died today)
  • What – She Died at midday or early evening american time
  • Where – A body guard tried to wake Ms Housten who was in the bath tub, but apparently already dead.
  • When – On Sunday 12th Feb mid afternoon in downtown Los Angeles
  • Why/How – Former Husband bobbi brown relationship sprialled into Drug Overdose  – Her career has been plagued by a failure to restablish herself as a singer.

A Tabloid Heading would read something like this:

  • Drug Fuelled in Sleazy Bath Tub Death
  • Distressed Whitney Ends Life
  • Housten Parties Life Away
  • Troubled Whitney drugged to death

Activity: Read a few online newspaper that are covering the Whitney Story. Grab the details.

Write a Headline and then two paragraphs (first paragraph covers the Who,What,Where,When,How and Why)

You can use these online newspapers to get the details.
The Age
The Australian
The Guardian (UK)
The Sun
The New York Times
The LA Times