Example of chequebook journalism

These two articles give recent examples of chequebook journalism.

Simon Gittany’s girlfriend gets handsome sum from Sunday Night

What are the moral implications of chequebook journalism? Tweet your response.

Actor Alec Baldwin says the press are ‘toxic’.

Alec Baldwin quits public life

Tabloid Headlines

Have a look at these tabloid headlines and stories:


1/ What is the importance of the headline?
2/ Do you think they are meant to be taken seriously?
3/ What sort of design is used for tabloid including typography and image

Tabloids often rely on puns to generate interest.


What is the difference between a tabloid and a broadsheet?


Is it all about size or content?

Two of the most famous tabloids that are still around today are The Sun in the UK and The National Enquirer.

What are some of the production values in magazines and print for tabloids?

Read through this post about the gutter press and answer the questions.

Tabloid story of Phillip Seymour Hoffman

phillip seymour hoffman

By now you should have researched and written about the death of Hollywood actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Think about the language you used to describe his death in sensational detail.

Was the story more interesting to write?

How did you feel about exaggerating the facts?

Should the story entertain or be merely factual?

How accountable are newspapers/magazines for exploitative articles.

Given the OJ article as an example we will use Photoshop to manipulate an image of Hoffman to implicate him in a bigger drama.

Evaluating Tabloid Film

As you can see from each other’s films, it is easy to manipulate video footage. Discuss some of the production techniques you used in order to create a tabloid segment.

1/How did you manipulate your video footage?
2/How is audio used to enhance the storytelling
3/What other production techniques i.e. lighting, scripting, clothing etc….did you use to manipulate audience perception?
4/How effective are tabloids at manipulating public opinion?


Read through Chaper 6 Australian Media Institutions pages 102 to 110. Then  read the following articles regarding tabloid newspapers, the Murdoch Inquiry and general related articles about regulation and self regulation. You do not have to read them all (but they are all very interesting!)

When you have read through these articles I would like you to summarise what you have read and your feelings about media ownership and the influence of Rupert Murdoch in particular. Try and write 500 words (you can write more but not less).

Canberra Times facing down a tabloid future_ _ Crikey
Sienna Miller stars with winning Leveson performance _ Crikey
JK Rowling and Sienna Miller hit out at phone hacking inquiry
‘I heard her recorded message and shouted out, Milly’s alive’
British tabloids out of control, inquiry told
Investigation of political favours against News Ltd
Elle Macpherson’s adviser sacked by model after phone hacking revealed
More mob rage after the break _ Today Tonight
Knowledge is power, but be wary of who wields it

Tabloid Image Manipulation

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Original Ashton and Demi Moore image

emilia clarke

Original Emilia Clarke Image

Tabloids are great at manipulating images and then constructing a story around them. In this picture I’ve used Photoshop to remove a picture of his ex-wife Demi Moore and replaced it with an image of Emilia Clarke. Then I inserted the picture into Indesign and created a story that Ashton was dating Emilia.The story is deliberately vague as a tabloid news article will never name people or where the event took place.  This allows them to fabricate information and not be responsible for the accuracy of the story.Read the tabloid story I created about Ashton Kutcher and see how language is used in tabloid articles and the general tone of the piece. Then write your own tabloid story using the Ashton Kutcher image and that of Emilia Clarke or some other celebrity.

Ashton Kutcher and Emilia Clarke

Image after it has been manipulated

Chequebook Journalism Example

Channel 9 are in a bit of hot water over their alleged offer to pay the Bali boys parents a large sum of money for exclusive rights to his story. The problem is of course that the Indonesian Government aren’t too happy about the boys parents profiting from the illegal actions of the boy. Read the attached article, it will be a useful example if you choose one of the tabloid questions in the exam.


Also, another article regarding tabloid journalism that is interesting. Today Tonight is being accused of being dangerous. This would be useful in discussing how unethical these shows have become and the tricks used to deceive viewers.

More mob rage after the break _ Today Tonight

Journalism, Ethics and Murdoch

Further to our discussion of media ethics and the phone hack scandal of News of the World.  Here are two articles that delve further into the Journalists Code of Ethics (from a journalists point of view) and revelations that Murdoch is now closing the 138 year old News of the World.
News of the World scandal_ Murdoch’s UK reputation is trashed _ Crikey
News of the World to close after hacking scandal