Facebook journalism

Article about how Facebook is not the best way to access news.


And an article about print vs online



We are now starting work on your folio. There are several parts to your folio that are submitted to the TQA.

A magazine
A front page of a newspaper
An A3 Ad
Log Sheets

Preparation includes researching magazines, newspapers and any other type of visual information that will help you with the style and the over all look of the magazine. The success of your work will depend on whether you can make your magazine or newspaper look original and suit the target audience.

For example, Franke has been a very successful magazine targeting the 18 to 35 demographic because of its visual design and content.

A magazine has its own style

Make you magazine stand out with an original colour scheme, typography, headings and advertisements. Ask yourself:

  • Who will read it?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What makes your magazine stand out

Stick to what interests you

  • Take screenshots of magazine covers and layouts.
  • Use a visual diary for inspiration
  • Compare magazines in newsagents and what attracts your eye. Note the different style, color and layout.

Scan in the layouts of magazines and then mock them up in InDesign.

This is not copying as such but being inspired by the layout and look of your favorite magazines.

  • Your magazine needs to be 12 A4 pages.
  • You will need a Front and back cover
  • Contents page.
  • Advertisements (you cannot use the same one as your A3 advertisement)
  • A feature article and several small articles or lots of small articles. You need to take all your own photography.

The magazine is due at the end of term 3

The magazines, A3 advertisment and newspaper article need to be over the school holidays and before you start your evaluations.

Evaluations will be written during the first two weeks of term 4

The remainder of the folio (evaluations and log sheets) to be submitted by 22nd October.

The folio is 50% of your mark with the exam completing your score.