Useful Indesign Link

Use this link to access the example of Indesign layout.

Another Photoshop Magazine Cover example

Indesign Tutorial

Evaluation Write Ups

Now you have completed all the magazine, advertisement and news requirements for your folio, you need to work on your evaluations. To help you with the write up you can refer to the blog post I made last year which demonstrates what an evaluation should look like. There are two links in this blog post and you will need to look at both of them to get some idea of the write up required.

These evalations are due by Friday, 19th October. You can submit drafts to me during the week.

Folio Finalisation

All feature articles, supporting articles and news articles should be finished this week. Next week we will do the advertisement and go through proof reading checks and final layout.

There is only one full week left to work on the portfolios so the media lab will be open all week for students to finalise their work.

Evalations of the media folio will be completed after submission.

Please note: There can be no extension on your folio as this is an externally assessed body of work.

Holidays Coming to An End

As you know these holidays are quickly drawing to a close. Oh no, this means the folio is due in two weeks. That’s right guys – two weeks. So where should by be by how.


  • Feature Article Completed
  • Layout Completed
  • Images and Typography Completed
  • Front Cover and Name of Magazine Completed

What needs to be finished When we Return

  • Choose the Newspaper article you will use from earlier this year
  • Think about your A3 Advertisement – this will be completed in the first week

If you haven’t got to the stage mentioned above then please make a move on it as there is nothing worse than rushing through the portfolio as it shows!

Holidays Approach

The holidays at the end of the week means that you should all have given me a draft copy to read of your feature article. You should also be working on your support article (if you need one). When you return from holidays we need to look at creating an A3 advertisement to include in your portfolio.

It is really important that you don’t leave at the end of this term without showing me something! Other than that, enjoy your holidays.

Folio Update

Most students have submitted a feature article draft as well as finished their layout and design. Students should now be working on correcting any grammatical errors in their writing as well as begin work on the supporting articles. Students should also have taken the majority of their images and have some idea of what they are going to do for an advertisement.

There are a mixture of design and magazine themes this year and the layouts are looking fantastic. I’m really looking forward to seeing the magazines in print.